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Don’t you just love standing in the pouring rain!

You love the outdoor life – walking – cycling – in fact any out-door activity, but where do you put your mobile and that loose change? – to keep it safe – secure – and dry

Here is the answer – Introducing the MiPOUCH

Designed to fit Apple iPhone 6S or similar. A grip seal clear wallet that will slip easily into a pocket or backpack and keep your valuables easily to hand whilst dry and secure.



Available individually on-line from

Personalised MiPOUCH WALLETS are available from WOLDPAC

An ideal product that can be used by anyone who spends time doing outdoor sports and activities.

Why not brand with your Company logo  to use as a marketing gift that will be useful to most of your customers?

Available in quantities as low as 200 pouches Branded with your logo from digital artwork supplied.

200 Printed 1 colour Price: £2.00 each + Vat

500  Price:  £1.80 each + Vat

200 Printed 2 colours Price:  £2.65 each + Vat

500  Price:  £2.35 each + Vat

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Bespoke Printed Stand-Up Pouches are perfect for packaging and display of food such as tea, coffee, cereals, confectionary, pet food, dried fruit and more ….

There are a range of standard sizes for matching your product volume from 150ml to 4 litres.

Manufactured in 98 micron layered PET/PE laminate film giving fantastic protection and long shelf life.


package4 package3


A gussetted flat base allows the packs to stand up

The header is sealable with a standard heat sealer and a Handy Tear Notch gives an easy first opening and the pouch is re-sealable with press together seal. The re-sealable press close strip allows the freshness of the product to be preserved


package2 package1


Plain Stock Metallised Stand-Up Pouches

Plain Stock Metallised Stand-Up Pouches

The crystal clear shiny material is eye-catching and offers maximum product protection

Stock sizes available:

110 x 132mm – 120 x 160mm – 130 x 190mm – 150 x 170mm – 180 x 255mm – 250 x 255mm – 250 x 300mm

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Take a look at our new video animation and let us know what you think of it.

Watch it now:

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Polythene stretch sleeves provide a large area for decoration.  Glue or heat is not required to complete the packaging, but simply stretched over the container in an easy application.

These sleeves facilitate easy recycling of the container and are adaptable to almost all volumes – from 250ml to 200 litres.

The sleeves are compatible with all materials – Plastic, metal, glass or polystyrene.  They are multi-functional and resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

Now available from Woldpac.

Use these Stretch Sleeves to

  • Adapt your packaging to suit your market targets
  • Strengthen your corporate image
  • Transform your container into a unique marketing campaign
  • Help you to be more reactive and flexible
  • Use labelling that is resistant to humidity and temperature changes