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GreenBags are innovative re-usable woven PP carrier bags which are produced on a fully automated production line

GreenBag technology is a composition (laminate) of two materials: woven PP fabric and BoPP film with high quality full color printing

Greenbags are 100% recyclable –reborn to LOVE

green bag i am not a normal paper bag i am not a paper bag

And re-usable (more than 100 times)

They save natural resources and decrease waste

Choose a positive impact on the environment

Green is not a colour –it’s a state of mind!


We talk BEAUTY

High Quality full colour printing (up to 6 colours)

Promotional –bespoke

Gloss or Matt surface

Unique appearance

GreenBag Woven PP Bag Specifications

Standard Sizes

30 x 10 x 30 cm

32 x 10 x 42 cm

41 x 14 x 45 cm

White or coloured handles

green bag options

Base material woven PP

Outer film BoPP

Handles:flat, woven PP, 7-8 cm high

Seams inside: folded, glued

Weight of the combined material: 100 g/m2 (±10%)

Minimum order for stock items :500 bags – For custom made production 5,000

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This product is certified home compostable. Complies with European standard EN13432.

As with most new products cost will naturally be more than our normal bags, but we feel this product a viable alternative to oil-based polythene with the best green credentials to back it up and will still be more economical than paper products.

Currently plastic products are being targeted by governments and environmental institution’s so we are constantly being asked for viable alternatives and we consider potato starch carrier bags can be the answer to meet this demand.


green bag

The majority of councils provide garden waste bins, but if you are unsure please check with your local council’s own advice.

Please do not place this bag in your recycle bin. If you are unable to dispose of it in a compost heap or garden waste bin, please pop it into your domestic waste.