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We supply a wide range of products using technical materials and equipment using the most up to date technology to provide a tailor made product to suit your own particular needs

  • Used for:
  • Medical Samples
  • Police evidence
  • Secure Mailing
  • Food samples
  • Product tracking and security

tamper evident security bags

Features & Benefits

Generally produced in low density polythene (LDPE) but technical materials can be used subject to requirement

Permanent Adhesive seals – stronger seal than the material, used in combination with a tear perforation – the bag will tear before the seal breaks

Tapes that leave a VOID message when opened

Photo Chromic ink – visibly reactive to any change in temperature

ie : low temperature which can cause loss of adhesion on standard cost effective glues & tape

Or high temperature which can aid adhesion and resealing in an event of unauthorized opening

Sequential numbering and or bar coding to track and trace individual consignments

Gamma irradiation in sterile or non-sterile formats

Leak resistance & food contact approved

Single trip by design to avoid cross contamination or sample confusion

Secure clear document pockets to ensure content is readable without opening or separation from the product


‘A Cost Effective Solution for sending products securely in the POST’

Tamper Evident Mailing envelopes

Tamper evident mailers incorporates a unique bag tracking code & tear-off receipt.

Clear or opaque options for either contents identification or confidential protection

Suitable for cash bags and valuables as well as important documents and legal items. 75mu film.

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Point-of-sale resealable bags are a practical, attractive and versatile way to display goods.

These bags are for retail display and point-of-sale, and can be used in a huge variety of situations, from displaying food items to clothing; craft products to travel accessories, and virtually any point in between.

Plus, staff can quickly and easily replenish displays.


Medical Bags - Sample Medical Bags - Sample 2A compartment bag to enclose samples with documentation in a secure separate pocket

Adhesive can be permanent and secure for single use, or resealable to contain sample and documents together but resealable for easy access.

GRIP-SEAL BAGS with document pockets also available.






Polypropylene 70mu bags

Resealable lip to secure documents

Punched holes & side seal for filing

To fit A4 files

Sample on request.

Medical Waste bags

PACK of Medical waste bags, Easy-tie for secure disposal

Can also be used as Dog Poo bags

WoldPac also offer a comprehensive range of Grip Seal Resealable Bags