About Woldpac
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About woldpac

Are you having difficulty finding the right supplier for what you need?

You can’t find the correct size bag or box for your product?

You have a nice bright shiny new product to get to market and you want to get it there safely… And when you get it there you want the customer to see it and buy it.

Or you want to find a solution to meet your specific packaging or promotional need.

WoldPac can solve this problem for you.

We work with you, the Customer to find the right producer for your particular needs

We are not driven by machines, we find the right machine to solve your need. Providing a bag or box in a colour and design you like. In a quantity that meets your requirement and at a price relative to the value of your product.

Contact WoldPac now to resolve all your packaging and promotional needs

I love helping people understand the packaging business and helping them select the best solution for their needs. I work with retailers and sellers of products of all types helping them present package and ship their products.

Paul Woowat, Company Owner
WoldPac provides all sorts of carrier bags: polythene carrier bags (poly bags), paper carrier bags, etc. We also provide promotional bags, custom retail packaging and other custom products for point of sale display, product storage, protection and mailing requirements.

We have over 30 years of experience working with both large and small businesses and we welcome enquiries regarding any aspect of your packaging needs and concerns.

There are many misconceptions about the environmental impact of packaging. The real value of packaging is in protecting the supply chain of goods with minimum use of resources. The choice is to cut down trees or to use a waste product from the process of oil production. There are many environmental studies undertaken – for help with this subject visit British Polythene industries.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you!! Got the boxes today and I just LOVE them. They are perfect.

Thanks again, I will be back soon for more!!!

Hope you have a wonderful time over the Festive Season

Caroline :)

Working with Paul at WoldPac was great. He understood exactly what we wanted and quickly sourced the best solutions for our shop.

Our customers often mention our bags and how that keep hold of them for a long time. This benefits our exposure. Thanks again Paul.

Alastair Dodwell
Free Sample

The best way to see our packaging options is to visit our Surrey showroom. Or contact us for a free, no obligation sample of our packaging.
Woldpac Team

The WoldPac team comprises Paul and Geof
paul woowatPaul Woowat has over 30 years’ of experience working in the packaging sector. With a Sales & Marketing background, and running a production facility specialising in the supply of bespoke packaging.

Over recent years a lot of the UK’s manufacturing base has moved overseas with the larger users of packaging materials and promotional items sourcing their goods likewise.

Whilst we all now operate in a world market there is still a demand for products to be sourced locally within the UK and EEC and it is the supply of such work that Woldpac specialises in.

Paul began trading as Woldpac in 1999 in order to maintain supply to long-standing Customers from his days working with his Lincolnshire based production facility. As the needs of this customer base broadened Woldpac established new production lines, with in the main UK manufacturers, and continues to provide these services to many new and growing businesses.

Paul’s other interests outside of managing his packaging business is sport and in particular rowing. He still competes in masters events and coaches club members and school students at Guildford Rowing Club. His family is also growing with the recent arrival of his first grandchild.

Geof EdmondsGeof Edmonds joined Paul in 2012 to help with restructured business growth and enhance the services Woldpac can offer.

Geof has over 35 years’  experience working in sales and marketing.  Starting his career in sales at IBM and then after four years moved to Xerox with printing and photocopying. Geof quickly progressed through personnel development and sales training in the professional environment.

In recent years Geof has worked in business development focusing on sales and marketing and now brings his skills to Woldpac to further enhance the development of the business.

His other interests lie in supporting a large family, golf, most sporting activities, which alas is viewing from an armchair rather than participating, and his Christian pursuits.