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Are you having difficulty finding the right supplier for what you need?

You can’t find the correct size bag or box for your product? You have a nice bright shiny new product to get to market and you want to get it there safely.

Or you want to find a solution to meet your specific packaging or promotional need.

Woldpac can solve this problem for you.

We work with you to find the right packaging solution  for your particular needs.

We are not driven by machines, we find the right machine to solve your need. Providing a bag or box in a colour and design you like. In a quantity that meets your requirement and at a price relative to the value of your product.

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i am not a paper bag!

Why Choose Us

WoldPac provides all types of carrier bags produced from a variety of materials– standard polythene, cotton, non-woven, kraft paper, or luxury high gloss.

We also provide promotional bags, custom retail packaging and other bespoke products for point-of-sale display, product storage, protection and mailing requirement.

We have over 30 years of experience working with both large and small business and we welcome enquiries regarding any aspect of your packaging requirement.

There are many misconceptions about the environmental impact of packaging. The real value of packaging is in protecting the product through the supply chain with minimum use of resources. The basic choice is to cut down trees or to use a waste product from the process of oil production. There are many environmental studies undertaken and new processes are continually being developed to help solve the environmental challenges we all face.

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