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Having been involved in the packaging industry for over 30 years Paul Woowat has used this experience to develop Surrey-based WoldPac into a leading supplier of bespoke packaging.

\"Poly“The development of WoldPac has been very much based on utilising the right third-party factories for our own needs in order to find the right solution for the customer,” explains Mr Woowat. “This approach is much more flexible and quality-led than having to rely on our own factory and equipment and allows us to offer a much wider range of products. I work mainly with independent manufacturers and over the years have built relationships with businesses that do not have their own marketing and sales department so we tend to be in the front-line in terms of the customer.”

WoldPac provides all sorts of carrier bags: polythene carrier bags (poly bags) and paper carrier bags. It also provides promotional bags, custom retail packaging and other custom products for point of sale display, product storage, protection and mailing requirements. It has extensive experience of working with both large and small customers and it welcomes enquiries regarding carrier bags or any aspect of its customers’ packaging needs and concerns.

\"WoldpacThe company can supply a comprehensive range of polythene bags (poly bags, plastic bags) or plastic carrier bags for most retail, conference and exhibition applications. From ultra thin high density or super grade strength, coloured, degradable, recycled and on a roll plastic carrier bags to premium polythene bags with flexi loop and aperture handles that can be printed in up to eight colours in gloss or matt inks. Colour coordinated handles are available for flexi loop bags and aperture handles are available in patch, varigauge or turnover top. In addition WoldPac can supply clip close and rope handled poly bags with the option of printing in up to six colours. Customers can select colour coordinated clip close handles and rope and they can order polythene carrier bags with bottom or side gussets, cardboard base and with gloss lamination.

The variety of its packaging offer has meant that WoldPac’s client base is equally varied with businesses that require bespoke material for retail displays being a significant customer. “We always focus on bespoke so we tend to be on the look-out for businesses or people who are developing new products because packaging is such an important area for them,” adds Mr Woowat. “To reach this area of the marketplace we have been heavily promoting our website and really pushing the fact that we are able to offer something that bit different to what’s available elsewhere. It’s all about finding the right niche and developing a presence in the most suitable marketplace for us. We therefore tend to be working more with up and coming businesses rather than established companies. This is great because we’re able to grow in tandem with our customers as they expand themselves.

“In terms of the food and drink sector we are currently of the edges of this sector at the moment but we’re keen to become more involved in this area. We supply an extensive range of plain, micro perforated and macro punched hole film and bags. These are ideal for bakery and grocery packaging using bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) or cast polypropylene (CPP) film.

“We have considerable experience of providing the appropriate solution in food grade films that are suitable for both hot and cold foods such as bakery and grocery produce where freshness, hygiene and presentation are vital. Micro perforated bags, used for bakery produce, ensure that moisture from the enclosed goods disseminates rapidly, allowing them to cool while maintaining their peak condition and crustiness. Other types of micro perforated bags are designed for baked goods to limit the exchange of moisture and keep produce fresher for longer periods of time.

\"Printed“All films can be supplied in a range of gauges and widths and are suitable for use on high-speed horizontal and vertical wrapping machines and sealers. They can be anti mist coated. Retail food packaging options include a whole host of styles and sizes including rectangular, side gusset, bottom gusset, self seal, wicketed, bundled and block headed and conform to EEC directive 90/128 concerning plastic used for retail packaging and approved by the FDA. We provide a complete managed service from design, selection of materials, commissioning of artwork, printing and fabrication to ensure custom retail packaging is delivered on time and within budget.”

The strength of its offering means that WoldPac mainly supplies across the UK, although it does also have some elements of business in Europe. As it looks to build on this business model the company is striving to achieve more profitable expansion by continuing to ensure it operates a lean and efficient operation.




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