Printed Tapes

High Visibility Printed Tapes for Promotion and Security



We have been offering plain PET for some while now as most of the supermarkets have banned the use of PVC tape. PP is not really a viable option for carton sealing as it lacks the strength of PET or PVC. Due to Europe wide shortages of PVC and consequently the spiraling costs, we have embraced the situation and can now offer printed PET as an alternative to PVC.

PET is a Premium Packaging Tape with excellent adhesion and high- quality strength

PET is ideal for printed logos and enhancing your corporate identity.

The benefits are:

  • Reduced material costs compared to PVC
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for sealing boxes Acrylic water-based adhesive
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High Tensile strength
  • Easy cutting – cleaner cutting than PVC



Polypropylene printable packing tape is ideal for the colder environment.

Polypropylene tape is cheaper and ideal for instruction labeling – for example: FRAGILE, QC REJECT, ORGANIC, DESTINATIONS etc. Logos tend not to be as clean on PP as they are on PET, as the tape is thinner.


PET White only (Clear available November)

PP White & Clear

We can print up to three pantone colours on all materials in widths 12mm to 150mm and can include half tones of any colours already used.

As a guide standard rolls are 48mm x 66m Minimum order quantity for Printed tape is 144 rolls



We also offer printed non-adhesive barrier films in different sizes, colours and thicknesses This is great for highlighting health and safety regulations and also areas of caution. It can also be used for advertising for promotion and outdoor events.


It is with regret, that due to various circumstances still evolving around the current pandemic, raw material, Brexit and shipping costs, pricing is increasing.

We fully understand this news is not welcome at this moment in time. We always try to do our best to avoid any increases where we can.

Please note: Currently we can only accept orders for normal historical usage and are working on a 3-4 week lead time in order to meet this demand. For new business we will do our best to meet the need but please bear in mind conditions present at this time.