single colour waste bags

Woldpac expands with Waste Management Bags

Adding to its extensive range of packaging and supplies Woldplac introduces Recycling Sacks.

Clear waste bags to easily identify the contents. Useful for security to ensure only the correct items are put in the sack.

Coloured Waste bags to allow easy segregation of waste for recycling, helping to minimise cross contamination.

Our medium duty clear and coloured sacks are made from 100% recycled polythene.


The lines include:

Specialist bags for recycled and hazardous materials. Including extra thick asbestos and clinical waste sacks pre-printed with the required statutory information. Budding gardeners will like our green recycling sacks and wheelie bin liners, while our heavy duty rubble sacks are ideal for building site waste.

The best range of rubble sacks in the UK. Our selection of builders sacks are the ultimate in toughness. Designed for heavy-duty contents and building site waste including rubble, bricks and aggregate, these extremely ‘hardcore’ bags will be up to the job! Available in a range of thicknesses with a range of prices to suit any budget.

Printed Refuse Recycling Sacks. Coloured printed refuse sacks to help easily sort waste and rubbish for recycling. Specific printed bags for aluminium, glass, paper, food and plastic recycling.