Craft Bags

One of the most effective ways of displaying retail products and maximising in-store space is to use hanging bags. If you use of a plastic bag with a hook or hanger your retail staff will be able to replenish stocks with the minimum amount of time and, if the hanging bag is made of transparent polythene or polypropylene, allowing customers to see items without opening the packaging. The use of a hanging hook allows multiple designs or sizes to be on the same rail allowing access to any pack.

‘One piece of plastic can make a big difference to your presentation and SALES’

Craft bags from Woldpac

Hanging bags for point of sale are the most effective way to display retail products when protection is needed. Hanging bags are used for a whole host of retail products including T-shirts, fashion accessories, shower curtains and craft kits.

We specialize in the supply of Polythene & Polypropylene bags for Point of Sale Display, manufactured to Customers own specification.

Point-of-sale resealable bags are a practical, attractive and versatile way to display goods.

These bags are for retail display and point-of-sale, and can be used in a huge variety of situations, from displaying food items to clothing; craft products to travel accessories, and virtually any point in between.

Resealable Craft Bags available in A4 and A5 size available from stock:

A5 160mm x 230mm

A4 220mm x 305mm

A4PLUS 320mm x 320mm

These craft bags are produced in OPP40mu film – a bright clear film.

As an option bags made to order can be produced in CPP50mu or 70mu film for a softer or heavier effect.