green bag

Green Bag

GreenBags areinnovative re-usable woven PP carrier bagswhich are produced on a fully automated production line

GreenBag technologyis a composition (laminate) of two materials: woven PP fabric and BoPP film with high quality full color printing

Greenbags are 100% recyclable –reborn to LOVE

green bag

And re-usable (more than 100 times)

They save natural resources and decrease waste

Choose a positive impact on the environment

Green is not a colour –it’s a state of mind!

We talk BEAUTY

High Quality full colour printing (up to 6 colours)

Promotional –bespoke

Gloss or Matt surface

Unique appearance

i am not a normal paper bag
i am not a paper bag

GreenBag Woven PP Bag Specifications

Standard Sizes

30 x 10 x 30 cm

32 x 10 x 42 cm

41 x 14 x 45 cm

White or coloured handles

green bag options

Base material woven PP

Outer film BoPP

Handles:flat, woven PP, 7-8 cm high

Seams insidefolded, glued

Weight of the combined material: 100 g/m2 (±10%)

Minimum order for stock items :500 bags – For custom made production 5,000