sugar cane bag

Sugar-Cane Carrier Bags

This is the first polythene product in the UK to be officially carbon negative

This Carrier bag is made from sugar- cane based polythene and has been awarded PAS2050 certification by the Carbon Trust and is classified as paper for the packaging waste regulations

100% Recyclable

Environmentally Friendly

Organic Polymer 96% Less Co2

From Photosynthesis

Reduce costs on Packaging & Waste Tax

Bio-based, Carbon Negative

sugar cane bag
sugar cane bag

This product is a viable alternative to oil based polythene

After refining sugar cane the waste product is processed to make alcohol, from that it is made into ethanol which can be made into polymer similar to the refining techniques used in making oil based polymer. The product is carbon neutral and 100% recyclable.

Currently we are producing White Turnover top carriers printed in one to three colours.  At present there is a minimum order for coloured film.