Medical Bags - Sample

Resealable Bags

Resealable Bags

Point-of-sale resealable bags are a practical, attractive and versatile way to display goods.

These bags are for retail display and point-of-sale, and can be used in a huge variety of situations, from displaying food items to clothing; craft products to travel accessories, and virtually any point in between.

Plus, staff can quickly and easily replenish displays.


Medical Bags - Sample
Medical Bags - Sample 2

A compartment bag to enclose samples with documentation in a secure separate pocket

Adhesive can be permanent and secure for single use, or resealable to contain sample and documents together but resealable for easy access.

GRIP-SEAL BAGS with document pockets also available.


Polypropylene 70mu bags

Resealable lip to secure documents

Punched holes & side seal for filing

To fit A4 files

Sample on request.

Medical Waste bags

PACK of Medical waste bags, Easy-tie for secure disposal

Can also be used as Dog Poo bags

WoldPac also offer a comprehensive range of Grip Seal Resealable Bags